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Buying all the moth trap brands you could find couldn't have been inexpensive. But the information should help many consumers choose between the moth trap shapes and sizes.. Please include anything you can find about where to put the moth traps for best results...

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Not All moth traps are equal

That’s Why we started Best Moth Traps.

When fighting our own pantry moth infestation, we were surprised to find out how little objective information there was to help us choose a brand of moth traps.

We tried to find information about different moth traps brands (including Catchmaster, Traps Direct, Able Catch and others), dimensions & sizes, pesticide content vs Natural Pheromones and even where the traps were manufactured (Made in USA vs China).

But we couldn’t find enough information to help us choose a single moth trap brand.  So we ended up buying nearly every type of moth trap on the market to evaluate, poke and prod.

We’ll share the results of that experience here on The Best Moth Traps!

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