Carolina Moth Traps Save dog food.

“Moth Traps Work Great!”

Moth Traps Product Review

4.8 out of 5 stars

I received your “pantry pest traps for moths” today…they work GREAT

I have had an infestation of small moths on my back porch for a few weeks now (where there is NO human food)…there were however bags of dog food and numerous boxes of plant food…
well before the traps arrived in the mail I cleaned out the area that seemed to be the breeding place…larvae was in the dog food bags, in the empty pint containers that had blueberries in…(about thirty five of those stacked one on top of the other)…….the moths used the crevices of the stacked containers for their breeding place…there was a huge amount of them in there (so don’t keep the containers that have blueberries in them OR for that fact any fruit)…they are a definite breeding place for sure……

I threw everything out…and I do mean EVERYTHING…I was amazed to see that these moths even got into the bags of plant food I had on my back porch (Miracle Grow)..also larvae was in my African violet food bag….when the traps arrived I put ONE on the back porch…within fifteen minutes of it being there it caught seven of the moths……

I put another one in my kitchen off the back porch…every once in a blue moon one will be flying in my kitchen so I figured that it must of come from the back porch…there are NONE in my cabinets…least I haven’t seen any and so far there are NONE in the trap I have placed in my kitchen…(I put one in the kitchen just in case.)

Carol A from South CarolinaAug 2009