Caught by the scent – pheromone moth traps

Lured by the scent

Pheromone Moth Trap Product Review

4.95 out of 5 stars

I’ve always wondered if pheromones really worked, after all we see them pheromone perfumes and cosmetics that are supposed to attract the opposite sex.

Chemistry to lure them, glue to keep them

Chemistry to lure them, glue to keep them

So when faced with way too many moths in my pantry I started to search for a solution to the moth infestation. That’s where I ran across articles and reviews about moth traps that used a pheromone specific to the female moth that was built into a lure to attract male moths. I wasn’t sure, but they didn’t cost much so I bought a few traps.

Imagine my surprise when the traps started to attract moths! I don’t know how to confirm that the moths caught in the traps are male moths, but they aren’t flying in front of my TV any more, so I am happy either way!

Skeptical? So was I, but give it a try, you’ll be surprised how well they work.

Caroline from ArkansasOctober 2013