Kitchen Pantry moths – My Results

Pantry Moths caught in my kitchen moth traps

Pantry Moth Trap Product Review

4.75 out of 5 stars

For the last year pantry moths have been invading my kitchen. After giving up on swatting them I researched a natural solution using pheromones, and I found the best price on pheromone moth traps at DIY pest controlAs you can see in the photo, the only open spaces are along the folds (the trap makes a triangle) where moth’s couldn’t wedge themselves in. When I first read other reviews saying that the moth traps had ‘hundreds of moths’ I thought it was made up, but WOW… it’s real.

Kitchen Pheromone Moth Traps

Natural Moth Pheromone (red square) uses nature to draw in moths.

In my kitchen it took about 10 days until the moths started to show interest in the traps. The website had explained that a young generation of moths would not be drawn in by the pheromones until they matured. Once they matured, it was like a … moth to a flame (red pheromone).

Thank you.. .Thank you… Thank you.

Denise from New MexicoAugust 2012